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Alright so it’s been a few days, my mind has been all over the place, too much so to be able to concentrate my thoughts! I’ll start with Friday-K had a job interview with dunbar amored and I had a job interview (at this tex mex place).

A little background info….K’s dad went to college with the man who is now ceo/president. K’s dad mentioned to this man that K was now living in LA, recent college grad, looking for work, etc and the man immediately connected K with the VP here in LA…….

I can’t keep a secret…..Wow wow wow wow wow! K got a job! Happy Happy joy joy!

So on Friday, K had an interview in the morning and when he left he was just totally excited and confident about this job prospect. He says it has all the qualities in a position he is looking for and a place he feels like he can grow and that will lead him to other opportunities. So anyway, he wasn’t supposed to find out until tomorrow, but Friday afternoon on the way to my job interview he got a call from the job. He didn’t answer it at first because we were about to be at the place I was going to interview at and he didn’t want to be on the phone while I was looking for the place and everything.  I begged him to call them back while I was inside, and then just jumped out and left. Totally freaking out the whole time wondering what the results were going to be–I mean come on, how would they call on a Friday afternoon to deliver bad news right before the weekend? Right? I was totally confident K got it…..

…..When I got inside I was relieved to see the manager interviewing someone. I was horrified with myself since I was a few minutes late…I was just like ‘what the fuck is wrong with me? I finally have this opportunity to make money and get on my feet and I’m fucking late, who is going to hire someone is late to their damn interview?” I sat down at a small table in the bar and just waited for the manager to get me. I noticed the two people who went in front of me had very quick interviews…much faster than mine, maybe that was a good sign? Finally the manager, R, came over to get me and we sat down to talk. He seemed to like me and to be interested, but it was hard to tell because he was just distracted with everything going on around us the whole time. I kinda feel like he is looking for severs who want to make serving or the restaurant industry their life and that is just not something I am going to do and it’s so hard to convince someone that it is just to get the job arg.  We went back and forth with a few more get to know you questions and a very awkward moment if me trying to “sell him a special” and then he said he would let me know next week if they were interested in moving forward. I feel iffy about it, but I really hope it works out it’s like 10 steps to the beach, seems pretty laid back, and plus I’m ready to work hard and start making advances forward. I need the money to start paying these damn student loans down!!!!…….

..but enough of my ramble, back to K. When I got back to the car he was excitedly talking to his dad on the phone and he looked at me and gave me the biggest smile, basically hung up on his dad, and told me HE GOT THE JOB! I immediately started bawling my eyes out for so many reasons. I was so insanely happy and proud of him for this amazing accomplishment, I was proud that he was making it out here in California, I was happy and relieved to know we didn’t have to worry about money anymore, and I was kinda sad too but I’m truly going to miss the 24/7 time we’ve been spending together. My hopes for him are, I just wish he would dedicate himself to this, focus on his goals ahead, and most importantly still have time and energy for LIFE.  I’m excited and anxious to see what the future holds. I think some big changes are definitely in our future……

That was Friday. A crazy, emotional day. Saturday was also quite a nice day. We went to this nursery in the next town over and found some gorgeous little plants. I love taking care of plants and watching them grow…nature is so cool. Anyway, afterwards K and I got lunch at this cheese steak place and I got this BOMB cheese steak with tons of meltey cheese, mushrooms, super flavorful tender beef, delicious hoagie, and homemade marinara sauce. Yummy yum yum! Omg but the best part of our lunch, was while we were at the counter paying, I looked across the parking lot and spotted a precious baby puggle!!!!!!

I have wanted a puggle since I first found out what they were. As you can see, they are absolutely precious! They are a mix between a pug and a beagle. So I asked the dude about his puggle and he was telling me how good natured they are, they love to play, eat a lot, treat oriented, very smart, howls a little hehe, etc. He let us play and pet his little sweet puggle and she was SO incredibly soft! Both K and I fell in love and we are that much more determined to save our money and find the perfect little puggle for us 🙂 I just can’t wait! I have already started researching breeders (I’m thinking I’m gonna have to go back east to get this little rascal) and how to train. I definitely want my pup to be well behaved!

After that pleasant encounter we took a drive to malibu to pick up some medicine. Man I love the drive there, its just so beautiful. Every single time I see the coast it takes my breath away. On the way back home we even saw a couple dolphins in the water! I’m so frustrated we haven’t had a beach day yet, but honestly it just hasn’t been warm enough that many days so hopefully soon it’ll warm up and we’ll have some bright sunny days and we can kick it at the beach! woo hoo! The rest of the night we just relaxed, watched TV, settled, etc it was nice. I can spend endless hours with K and never get tired of it. Oh yeah, and Saturday was K and I’s 5 year 10 mo anniversary. It was just so crazy thinking that we have almost been together for 6 years! ahhh!

Today (Sunday) has been pretty chill. A, K, and I took cooper (A’s crazy dog!) on the bike trail. Cooper pulled K pretty much the ENTIRE way he was pretty pooped at the end of the ride. A and I are starting to run, so after our ride we parked our bikes at the intersection and ran down to where we enter the trail and back. It kicked my ass but I’m determined for running to get easier for me. Then, we did Shred level 2 and of course it was hard as hell but much easier than the first time. I love feeling my body change and being able to use my strength and control! Then we did Kim kardashian ab blast and upper body workout, now we’re contemplating doing shred level 1. I’m so fucking determined to trim the fat, I want to feel good in my skin! 100 pounds lighter here I come!


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